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Why we do, what we do

day care daily report sheets

How we involve parents

daily check sheets for nursery
daily reports preshool

Updates must be private and secure.

We know that nothing is more important to a parent than the security of their children and their children's information. That is why we have engineered our system to allow safe and secure sharing from provider to parent.

100% of parents must have access.

Not every parent has a smartphone. Communication from a child care provider must reach 100% of the children's parents.

Email is the app that every parent uses.

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Everyone has access to email. For that reason we have chosen email as our primary means of communication. Right from your email you can play a video, share a photo, or reply right back to the director.

Never hear "nothing" again.

What did your child do today? Now you will always know. Photos and videos of your child's day give you a view of their day. Daily reports keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work.

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How we help teachers

iPod touch
child care attendance child care attendance daily reports for daycare daycare photo sharing

Our app is faster than paper.

Teachers today have to spend too much time with paper distractions such as taking attendance, writing lesson plans, and filling out daily reports. By carefully listening to our customers and integrating their feedback we have built an application which solves these problems faster than paper.

iPad mini →       safe and low cost.

Our app runs on the low cost iPad mini, iPod Touch or the iPad. By focusing on only two devices we can not only provide a safer product, but also a better product. It's more safe because we know exactly how each device will perform for the teacher in the classroom. Battery life is more than a full day. We have opted to not support other devices because the experience and performance is too inconsistent across those devices. Fewer distractions means safer kids.

Portability is a must.

For teachers we recommend the iPad mini or iPod Touch device. Whether on the playground or on a field trip, all of the children's attendance and emergency contact information is at the teacher's fingertips. Any photos or videos captured will be stored on the device and uploaded as soon as the device is back in coverage.

daily information sheet for childcare

How we help directors

Be in 10 places at once.

No more running around for 15 minute counts. The Tadpoles dashboard offers a live view of the activity in your center. With no refreshing necessary, the classroom counts, attendance, and parent communications update in real time. There are no software installations and no per-user licenses so owners and directors can check on things easily and securely while away from the center.

    Showing number of children in for each classroom.

    Track your 15 minute counts.

    click on chart for details

    Communicate with your parents through email or text alerts.

    With Tadpoles, there is no need for third party communication services like Constant Contact and AlertNow. Share daily reports, photos, videos, notes and reminders instantly to your parents' email throughout the day. Send emails out to your parents or notify all parents by text message of school closings or other urgent messages.

    Tadpoles is your marketing tool.

    Nothing keeps parents happy like good communication and pictures of their children having fun and learning. Parents will love you and will show the pictures to their friends. What better way than to generate referrals and increase enrollment than from happy parents. Highlight Tadpoles on tours to easily increase conversions.

    daily infant activity sheet
    That's awesome!! Thank you for sending one of him smiling... Made my day.
    This is amazing!!! Thank you!
    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting emails/pictures. keep them coming!!!!
    This is so cool!!
    I love getting the report via email! And I love getting to see her little face
    LOVE IT. thank you!
    daily notes for preschool

    Tadpoles, in a nutshell

    kindergarten daily report sheet


    • Share photos, videos, notes to parents throughout the day

    • Record meals, activities, naps, and more to daily reports

    • Prepare lesson plans up to 4 weeks in advance

    • Take attendance

    • Record classroom visitations

    • Combine / split classrooms

    • Mark children sick or on vacation

    • View medical and birthday reminders

    • View child allergy and emergency information

    • View guardian and medical information


    • View realtime counts per class

    • Manage classrooms

    • Manage children and their guardians

    • Manage employees

    • Manage child portfolios

    • Track 15 minute counts

    • Approve photos and videos before sending to parents

    • Take attendance

    • Mark children sick or on vacation

    • Track and export attendance details

    • View medical and birthday reminders

    • View 5 day enrollment graph

    • Send notes and newsletters to parents by email

    • Send emergency alerts by text message and email


    • Receive photos videos, notes by email

    • Download or share photos and videos of your children

    • Receive emergency alerts by text message

    • View your children's portfolio using our mobile application

    • Mark your child out sick or on vacation using our mobile application

    child portfolios

    Get started!


    iPod Touch

    1 iPad Mini

    Teachers will use an iPad mini or iPod touch in the classroom.

    desktop computer

    1 Computer

    The director will use our web dashboard on any desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

    preschool kids

    1 Classroom

    Pick a class, any class to start with.

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